Yes you can. The easiest way is to buy it from our ticket sales. You can choose the service/amount of tickets you would like to have and you will get the tickets with you right away. It is also possible to get the gift card as a pdf file if you are unable to get it from our ticket sales. We will send you the gift card by email, after we have received the payment. Our gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Yes, you can get combo tickets to SkyWheel with Flying Cinema.
Price for the combo ticket is 22€/person.
The tickets can be bought from both attractions ticket sales and also from Flying Cinema's website.

For our regular 12-minute ride you don’t need to make a reservation. Usually you will get in straight away or with couple minutes queuing.

For our special gondolas, VIP and Original SkySauna, a reservation is needed beforehand as well as for the extended champagne rides. You can make a reservation by email info@skywheel-helsinki.com or by phone +358 40 4804604.

Frequently Asked Questions – Original SkySauna Experience

1.    When is the Original SkySauna open?

2.    What does the Original SkySauna experience include?

3.    How much does the experience cost?

4.    How to purchase the experience?

5.    How many people does the sauna gondola fit?

6.    Is the Original SkySauna available around the year, also during wintertime?

7.    How long does a round around the wheel take?

8.    What should I wear to the sauna gondola?

9.    Can we take our own drinks?

10.  What are the drink options included in the package?

11.  What is the cancellation policy?


1.  When is the Original SkySauna open?

SkySauna is open according to the operational hours of SkyWheel and only with a reservation. Reservation is needed because it will take time to prepare the experience. However, since it takes some time to get the sauna heated, the reservation can start after two hours from the opening. Also the reservation needs to end one hour (latest 30min) before our closing, so that our staff will have time for cleaning. Operational hours can be found from SkyWheel’s website.

Please note that we might have alterations on the opening hours depending on the season. The precise and most current opening hours will always be updated to our webpages. Please note that the Original SkySauna is not open during the coldest winter months (see question 6).

Also take into account that the usage of the sauna gondola ends 15 minutes before the reservation is over in order to provide time for showering and dressing up.


2.  What does the Original SkySauna experience include?

The experience includes private use of the sauna gondola and sauna lounge, which has showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. There’s also a terrace with a hot tub for your use and a bluetooth speaker to play your own music. The hot tub can fit up to 10 people at a time. You also get two alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks per person per hour.


3.  How much does the experience cost?

The price of the experience depends on the day of the week:

·       Mondays and Tuesdays 240 € / hour

·       Wednesdays and Thursdays 260 € / hour

·       Fridays and Sundays 290 € / hour

·       Saturdays 320 € / hour

The price is for 1-4 persons, extra hours are 50% of the above-mentioned prices and extra persons are charged for 30 € per person. Towels are included in the price, bathrobes (8 € / person) and sandals (3 € / person) can be rented separately. Please note, that you must bring your own swimwear.

Example: 6-person group for two hours on Friday at 16:00-18:00 with sandals for each

·       The price would be 290 € (price of first hour for four people) + 145 € (extra hour 50% of the original price) = 435 €

·       Plus 30 € (price of extra person) x 2 (two extra persons) = 60 €

·       Plus 3 € (flip flops) x 6 (six persons total) = 18 €

·       Total price for this reservation = 513 € (435 € + 60 € + 18 €)

·       Includes four drinks per person so 24 alcohol / non-alcoholic drinks in total


4.  How to purchase the experience?

In order to book and purchase the Original SkySauna experience, you should first contact us and make a reservation. This is due to the fact that especially during the colder times, we need at least three hours in order to get the sauna warm enough. Reservations can be made easily by contacting us via email (info@skysauna.com) or by phone (+358 404 804 604). The reservation can also be made online (only available in Finnish).

The experience should be paid in advance. The payment can be made online when booking or afterwards through online bank. Invoicing is also possible in special situations.


5.  How many people does the sauna gondola fit?

The sauna gondola is most suitable for four people although maximum amount of people in the gondola is 5.

There can be up to 15 people in the same group and while others are enjoying the sauna, the rest can relax in the hot tub (max. 10 ppl), private lounge or on the terrace.

For bigger groups (over 4 persons) we warmly recommend to book the experience for minimum 2 hours.


6.  Is the Original SkySauna available around the year, also during wintertime?

We are not taking reservations from mid-December to March, since if the temperature drops below 5 degrees of Celsius, we cannot guarantee that the sauna gondola will be warm enough to provide as good experience as needed. The precise dates will be updated to our page.

In case you’re coming to Helsinki during the wintertime when the temperature is too cold for the Original SkySauna experience, we still run the SkyWheel daily and offer e.g. regular- and Veuve Clicquot VIP Experience rides. More information can be seen on SkyWheel's webpage.


7.  How long does a round around the wheel take?

One round lasts approximately 3 minutes and you can stay in the sauna gondola as many rounds as you wish. It is possible to switch people in the sauna cabin e.g. every other round (every 6-7 minutes) or how often you like. We provide a walkie-talkie with you to the gondola so you can let us know whenever you want to get in and/or out.


8.  What should I wear to the sauna gondola?

The rule regarding the clothing in sauna gondola is to have your own swimwear on you. You can also take the towel or bathrobe with you to the sauna if you like. You are also allowed to take the drinks with you to the sauna gondola.


9.  Can we take our own drinks?

Unfortunately you can’t enjoy your own drinks. At our licensed area, only purchased drinks can be enjoyed due to legal reasons. However, the package includes two drinks per person per hour and extra drinks can be purchased on the spot.


10.  What are the drink options included in the package?

We offer two different types of beer (Heineken & Lapin Kulta), various long drinks (Hartwall’s original, cranberry, lime and orange) and ciders (Happy Joe’s pear & apple). The non-alcoholic options include soft drinks and carbonated water. You can decide which drinks you wish to be selected to the package.


11.  What is the cancellation policy?

We kindly ask you to inform us about any changes or cancellations as soon as possible, latest 24 hours before the start of the reservation.

För exakta öppettider och avvikande tider, KLICKA HÄR.

Priset för en tur är 14 euro/vuxen (över 12 år) och 10 euro/barn (3-11 år). Barn under 3 år får ombord gratis.

Tickets can be bought on the spot from our ticket sales.

Special prices:

Students & seniors € 12
Family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) € 42
​Group tickets (min. 15 persons) € 12/adult & € 9/child

Assistant gets in for free.

SkyWheel är lätt tillgängligt för äldre och rörelsehandikappade. Säg till om du har behov av hjälp; vi assisterar med nöje.

Om du på dagen för besöket inte har biljetterna med, kan vi inte ge ut ersättande biljetter, utan ny bokning måste göras och nya biljetter skrivas ut, mot betalning. Observera att de köpta men oanvända biljetterna inte kan ersättas, också om de hittas senare.

Upplevelsen med SkyWheel tar cirka 12 minuter. En runda tar cirka 3 minuter vilket betyder att du går 3-4 gånger runt.

En gondols kapacitet är maximalt 6 personer.

Varken mat eller dryck får intas i själva SkyWheel eller längs på- och avstigningsplattformarna, om inte trakteringen har beställts genom SkyWheel.

 I SkyWheel får djur medtas.

I det kompletta Veuve Clicquot -paketet ingår en flaska ”gula änkan” champagne i VIP-gondolen och en extra lång (30 min) åktur. VIP-gondolen har glasgolv, 4 skinnklädda säten och musik. I paketet ingår också tillgång utan att köa och besök i den eleganta champagnebaren, där du och dina gäster tas om hand av en VIP-värd. Läs mer.

In case you have lost something on our area or left something to one of the gondolas, you can ask from us directly as we collect all lost and found items at our ticket sales. You can either call us +358 40 4804604 or send an email to info@skywheel-helsinki.com.

Vi besvarar med nöje alla frågor; det är bara att skicka oss e-post till info@skywheel-helsinki.com.